Encoder/Drehgeber E40s6 Inkrementaler optischer Encoder E40s6-60-3-N-24

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Basis Info
  • Modell Nr.: E40S6-60-3-N-24
  • Art : Rotary Encoder
  • Funktionsprinzip : Inkremental
  • Auslesemodus : Kontakt
  • Betriebssystem : Magnetoelektrischen Typ
  • Signalausgang : Komplementäre Gegentakt-Ausgangs
  • Achshülse Type : Großer Ø
  • Paket : BGA
  • Installation Form : Achshülse Typ
  • Axonia : Servoinstallationstyp
Zusätzliche Informationen..
  • Trademark: PENON
  • Packing: Standard Export Packing
  • Standard: CE
  • Origin: Zhejiang
  • HS Code: 8543709990
  • Production Capacity: 10000PCS/Month

E6C2-CWZ6C 100P/R Inc. rem valley Rotary Encoder 50mm dia. shaft 8
Product name: E6C2-C
Product introduction:
Firm& simple
Seal bearing, realize drip proof and oil proof performance OF IP6f4
Enhance the performance OF shaft load resistant, realize radially load OF 50N and axially load OF 30N.
The cable leading method is slanting, including transverse and bake direction.
With protection circuit against reversing connection and load short circuit, improve reliability.
(thus has linear driver output)
Product Category: Outside dia. meter of 50 (slim type)
PCB of sensor
1.Encoding method Inc. rem valley
2.Power supply VOL-meets 5 VDC -5% to of 5 VDC +5% (ripple (p-p): 5% max.)
E6C2-CWZ1X 500P/R 2M PCB of sensor
Encoding method Inc. rem valley
Power supply VOL-meets 5 VDC -5% to of 5 VDC +5% (ripple (p-p): 5% max.)
Current consumption 160mA DC Max.
Inrush current Current: approx. 9 A (time: approx. 0,3 ms)
Resolution (single turn type) 500 P/R
Output of phases A, - A, B, - B, Z and - Z
Control output (output type) LINE of driver outputs
Control output (load current) High level (IO): -20 mA
Low level (Is): 20 mA
Control output (output VOL-meets) Vo: 2,5 V min.
Vs: 0,5 V max. ones
Starting positional POINT Equipped
Max. response frequency 100 kHz
Phase difference on output 90 DEG -45 to of +45 DEG
Giant and case of times OF output giant time OF output: 0,1 US Max.
Case time OF output: 0,1 US Max.
(Cable length: 2m, IO: -20mA Is: 20mA)
Starting torques Room temperature: 10 mN.m Max.
Moment OF inertia 3*10-7kg.m2 Max.
Shaft loading Radial: 50 N
Thrust: 30 N
Max. permissible rotation 6000 r/min
Mechanical would run expectancy 100 million rotation min.
Ambient temperature operating: -10 to of 70 CEL
STORAGE: -25 to of 85 CEL
(with NO icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity operating: 35 to of 85% RH
STORAGE: 35 to of 85% RH
(with NO condensation)
Insulation resistance 20 M OHM min. RK 500 VDC between charged parts and the case
Dielectric strength 500 VAC RK 50/60 Hertz for 1 minute between charged parts and the case
Vibration resistance 10 to of 500 Hertz, 2-mm or 150m/s2 double amplitude for 11 min of 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance 1000m/s2 for 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Degree OF protection IEC60529: IP64
Company standard: Oil resistance
Applicable standard (EC Directive (EMC Directive)) EMI: EN50081-2
Emission Enclosure: EN55011 Group 1 classA
Emission AC of Main: EN55011 Group 1 classA
Immunity ESD: IEC61000-4-2
Immunity RF-interference: IEC61000-4-3
Immunity brush: IEC61000-4-4
CE marking: Equipped
Connection method Pre wired models (Cable length: 2 m)
Material (case) Zinc alloy
Material (body) Aluminum
Material (shaft) SUS420J2
Tightening torques 0,5 N.m Max. (with M4 screw)
Weight (packed state) approx. 400 g
Accessories INSTRUCTION manual

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The following is all the models:

E6C2-CWZ6C 10P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 20P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 30P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 40P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 50P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 60P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 100P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 200P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 300P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 360P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 400P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 500P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 600P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 1000P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 1200P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 1500P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 1800P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 2000P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 10P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 20P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 30P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 40P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 50P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 60P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 100P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 200P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 300P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 360P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 400P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 500P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 600P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 1000P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 1200P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 1500P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 1800P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 2000P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 10P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 20P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 30P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 40P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 50P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 60P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 100P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 200P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 300P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 400P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 500P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 360P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 600P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 1000P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 1200P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 1500P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 1800P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 2000P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ5B 100P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ5B 200P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ5B 360P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ5B 500P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ5B 600P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ5B 1000P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ5B 2000P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 720P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ1X 1024P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ3E 720P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 720P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 800P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C 1024P/R 2M

E6C2-CWZ6C-10 500P/R 5M

E6C2-CWZ6C-10 600P/R 5M

E6C2-CWZ6C-12 500P/R 10M

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